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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

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An Eye for Aesthetics and Functionality

XPNDBLS team of Industrial Designers have extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for a wide range of industry in consumer electronic, IoT, medical, and industrial application, to name a few. Our ability to combine functionality, aesthetic, usability, technical performance, and business values will help unleash the full potential of your products. With consideration on feasibility in manufacturing, material selections, and production costs, we can design products that will ultimately cut down bottom line cost and increase profitability. Contact us to learn more about XPNDBLS' industrial design services:

What can we do for you?

It takes many years of experience to get design just right. XPNDBLS have the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to give you the best industrial design service.

  • Design thinking
  • Sketch ideation
  • Concept generation
  • User research and demographic study
  • Ergonomic & environment study
  • Mock up and 3D print prototype
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Photo-realistic product rendering
  • Color, material and finish (CMF)documentation
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What We Offer

Industrial Design in Action