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Firmware Development

Firmware Development

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Software is the Soul of Your Product

Creating the software used in electronic devices, our firmware engineers develop the programmable content instructing electronic hardware devices, such as remote controls, mobile phones, and medical devices.

We create and implement the operating instructions and algorithms, which enable hardware function. Our experts alter, organize, and model software functionality for a variety of industries such as IoT, healthcare, enterprise businesses, and consumer electronics. Designing detailed plans to ensure proper functionality and creating technical instructions for firmware operation are typical tasks.

Why choose us?

Our firmware engineers plan, improve, and manage software applications from inception to use.

  • Develop and maintain embedded systems
  • Craft scripts and firmware for experimental projects and new product lines
  • Design, optimize, and validate embedded systems to robustly operate in devices with minimal power, low cost, and small size
  • Build test plans for QA and product verification; assist R&D and manufacturing with production scripts/procedure creation
  • Interface with hardware design and development
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