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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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Our Electrical Engineering Expertise - Your Success

XPNDBLS provides electrical engineering services for consumer electronics, industrial IoT, asset tracking, enterprise B2B, automotive, and many more. Functional electronic products require reliable, efficient electrical circuitry. Collaborate with us.

What can we do for you?

Analog and Mixed Signal Design

  • Data acquisition
  • Signal Conditioning (Amplifiers/Filters)
  • Pulsed Circuits (Linear/Non-Linear)
  • Control Systems
  • Power Circuit Design:
    • AC/DC
    • DC/DC
  • Battery Engineering and Management:
    • Safe Charge and Discharge
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Circuit Design & Analysis:
    • Schematic & Layout
  • Test Planning (Design/Development)
  • Component Analysis & Evaluation
  • Compliance Engineering
  • Ultra Low Power Application:
    • Custom Sensor Design
  • Custom Communication Circuitry
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) Design

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What We Offer

Electrical Engineering in Action