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Go Ahead, Drop It! Rugged Smartphone Case & Accessories

Rokform manufacturers premium rugged smartphone and magnetic, mountable accessories. Its products are meant to withstand the worst use and abuse

Rokform’s Reactor Series includes XPNDBLS’s innovation in its:

  • Battery Case — slim, rugged case rated IP67-level water and dust proof. The case extends smartphone battery life with an additional 2,000mAh.
  • Premium Car Charger — dual USB ports, each with 24W of charging power, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Wireless Powerbank — 4,000 mAh of wireless charging and a USB port in an IP65-rated wireless charging port that keeps working even if it gets wet from rain or splashes.
  • XPNDBLS also developed a Rugged Premium Bluetooth Speaker for a prototype show and tell, that was rated IP67 with 10 Watt speaker. Equipped with a long lasting 8000 mAH battery, the prototype was waterproof and served as a power bank, so users could charge their devices via the speaker. The engineering ensured the RF speaker offers great sound volume in a compact design.

XPNDBLS’ Product Development Process

XPNDBLS’s team of experts eagerly accepted the challenge of developing the toughest iPhone battery case yet.

  • Industrial designers developed Rokform’s Reactor series to have its own distinct look and feel in the users’ hand.
  • Electrical engineers designed all of the Reactor series’ circuitry. Our experts relied exclusively on premium electronic components to deliver a high powered car charger in a compact package. XPNDBLS’s team also developed a portable, rugged wireless charging station that was waterproof too.
  • The mechanical engineers mastered the trick of constructing an all metal car charger and waterproofing the wireless powerbank.
  • Our team handled pre-certification testing onsite to make sure the products would meet regulatory and industry standards.

The Results

Rokform’s Reactor series case was featured in CNET’s CES iPhone X drop test and was the only survivor of a drop from 20 feet high without a screen protector. Rokform CEO Jeff Whitten has said the partnership with XPNDBLS ensured his company put “its best engineering foot forward.”

Partner with XPNDBLS

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