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Modular Battery Case

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A Wireless Charging Case that Truly Didn’t Need Cords

Wireless charging merits great enthusiasm. Yet manufacturers have struggled to release a truly wireless charging case. Their mats or stands still require a corded connection to a power source. XPNDBLS partnered with a remote charging technology company Ossia to develop the first true wireless charging battery case.

XPNDBLS’ Approach

Ossia wanted to bring its innovative technology to market more quickly and make its Cota ecosystem both accessible and attainable by offering a wireless charging case.

  • Electrical Engineers at XPNDBLS integrated Ossia's wireless charging technology into our battery case electronic board.
  • XPNDBLS’ Radio Frequency (RF) experts optimized the technology range, allowing Cota’s wireless charging to be possible.
  • XPNDBLS’ Industrial Designers developed multiple new modular cases to complete the ecosystem and encourage the retrofitting of different devices.
  • Developing a modular case that has multiple different electronic parts is not an easy task; our Mechanical Engineers produced the prototype showcased in Ossia's booth in CES.

The Results

Ossia were able to demonstrate its first wireless charging battery case to effectively power up new devices or store energy in an external battery for later use with charged devices. The company is continuing its quest to develop the fully wireless charging world. Read more about it here.

Partner with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS’s team of experts has the skill set to take your ideas for consumer and enterprise innovation, products and solutions from end-to-end. Offering 10+years experience with IoT technology innovation, we can support your concept from design to development, through engineering, manufacturing, and even pre-certification testing — all in one place.

Project Outcome