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Truly Putting the Mobile in Mobile Spectrometer

Si-Ware Systems optimized its MEMS-based instrumentation down to a single self-contained chip to make a mobile spectrometer. The company wanted to commer-cialize its new chip, so XPNDBLS came up with an innovative IoT integration.

XPNDBLS’ Product Development Process

XPNDBLS demonstrated a wide range of expertise in integrating the mobile spectrometer with the smartphone:

  • XPNDBLS industrial designers brainstormed and sketched the smartphone en-closure, giving thought to the final products look and feel.
  • Electrical engineers ensured that the phone case could power Si-Ware’s chip at appropriate voltage while still being able to charge the phone.
  • XPNDBLS’s expertise with Apple's Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFI) certifica-tions and its restrictions ensured the case design was optimized and would not interfere with any phone signal.
  • The Application/software development team created a bridge to ensure the Phone can communicate with the case
  • Our mechanical engineers developed the prototype to Si-Ware’s satisfaction.

Success with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS integrated SiWare Chipset into an iPhone Case, which was demon-strated at Photonics West in 2018. Such a handily-sized mobile spectrometer can be used in many industries such as agriculture, mineral mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more. The ready-to-use spectrometer sends results directly to the cloud to match and identify any spectral signatures.

End-to-End Support with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS’s one-stop IoT shop is committed to excellence and the highest industry standards. Avoid having to find multiple partners to get an idea to market. Our experts provide end-to-end support from idea generation to product shipment.

Project Outcome