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Mobile Spectrometer on a Phone Cases

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Truly Putting the Mobile in Mobile Spectrometer

XPNDBLS collaborated with Si-Ware Systems, using their optimized MEMS-based Spectral sensor, to make a mobile spectrometer. XPNDBLS created this concept for Si-Ware to show the possibility for commercialization for Si-Ware’s new chip. NeoSpectra is an innovative mobile IoT spectrometer.

XPNDBLS’ Approach

XPNDBLS demonstrated a wide range of expertise in integrating the mobile spectrometer with the smartphone:

  • XPNDBLS industrial designers brainstormed and sketched the smartphone enclosure, giving thought to the final products look and feel.
  • Electrical engineers ensured that the phone case could embed Si-Ware’s chip at appropriate power while still being able to charge the phone.
  • XPNDBLS’ expertise with Apple's Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFI) certifications and its restrictions ensured the case design was optimized and would not interfere with any phone signal.
  • The Application/software development team created a bridge (firmware) to ensure the Phone can communicate with the case.
  • Our mechanical engineers developed the prototype to XPNDBLS’ high quality standard.

Success with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS integrated SiWare Chipset into an iPhone Case, which was demonstrated at Photonics West in 2018. NeoSpectra, a palm-sized mobile spectrometer can be used in many industries such as agriculture, mineral mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more. The ready-to-use spectrometer sends results directly to the cloud to match and identify any spectral signatures.

End-to-End Support with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS’ one-stop IoT shop is committed to excellence and the highest industry standards. Avoid having to find multiple partners to get an idea to market. Our experts provide end-to-end support from idea generation to product shipment.

Project Outcome