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Smart Door Lock

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Smart Door Lock for Consumers

Hampton Products International, chose to collaborate with XPNDBLS, wanted to open the door to an Internet of Things (IoT) products with a smart door lock. The California-based company looked to XPNDBLS to unlock the potential of a smart door and security products offering for consumers.

XPNDBLS’ Approach

XPNDBLS demonstrated a wide range of expertise in developing, engineering, and manufacturing quality consumer and enterprise products:

  • Industrial designers developed a durable deadbolt product that would not attract attention or be easily compromised, yet be smarter than the rest.
  • Electrical engineers optimized the deadbolts power consumption and size with a small, coin-sized replaceable lithium polymer battery.
  • Radio frequency (RF) experts designed an antenna for Bluetooth connectivity effectively doubling the normal range.
  • XPNDBLS mechanical engineering developed a 99% metal prototype for security and durability.
  • Application developers built, tested, and demonstrated a convenient mobile app that works with the lock in iOS and Android.

Success with XPNDBLS

Hampton displayed the ChekLock prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in both 2018 and 2019. The ChekLock uses electronic sensing to make sure the user’s deadbolt is secured. The smartphone app offers users peace of mind wherever they are in the home.

End-to-End Support with XPNDBLS

From the day an idea is conceived to the day the product is shipped, XPNDBLS is committed to realizing the highest industry standards.

Avoid having to find multiple partners to get an idea to market — work with XPNDBLS’s team of experts for a quality experience.

Project Outcome