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When It Moves You’ll Know!

Instant alerts in your phone if something moves when it shouldn't. Place it in something you'd like to protect. Activate it with the app. Receive alerts in your phone as soon as it moves. It's simply that simple.

This wireless solution built for iOS and Android, is an elegant, wireless motion detector providing peace of mind.

Our XPNDBLS’ Tracker Features:

Phone and smartwatch alerts.

Receive notifications via Bluetooth in the iOS & Android app.

Adjust the sensitivity.

Set the sensitivity level for your instant motion alarms to fit your needs at any time.

Phone your Stilla / Stilla your phone.

Press inside the app to trigger sound in your Stilla, press the Stilla twice to trigger sound in your phone.

Out-of-range alarm.

Leave nothing behind again, thanks to alerts when you get too far away from your tracker.

Replaceable, long-lasting battery.

Depending on the usage, battery life can be up to one year. When empty, easily replace with a new coin cell.

See where you were last connected.

Find your tracker on a map. This will let you know if you forgot your bag at the office, or maybe the bar.

Success with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS developed this product from scratch. Starting from design sketches, 3D prototypes, product packaging and all the way to the product final manufacturing. XPNDBLS also developed their mobile app that is compatible for iOS and Android phones/tablets.

End-to-End Support with XPNDBLS

XPNDBLS’s one-stop IoT shop is committed to excellence and the highest industry standards. Avoid having to find multiple partners to get an idea to market. Our experts provide end-to-end support from idea generation to product shipment.

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